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“Combine the music, the cultural exploration in Japan, the comedy, the solid editing, shot selection and composition, the characters, and the plot: and you get what I had: a fucking great viewing experience. -FILM COLOSSUS”
[read more]eFILMCRITIC
“This zippy, well-textured travelogue avoids all the usual rock-doc clichés; you get the sense that the three musicians don’t take themselves too seriously, even while striving for more recognition.” – SEATTLE WEEKLY [read more]
BIG IN JAPAN is a Runner-up for the GOLDEN SPACE NEEDLE AWARD – BEST FILM at the Seattle International Film Festival right behind Boyhood, Life Feels Good, How to Train Your Dragon 2, The Fault in Our Stars. Good company to be in! [read more]Variety
“With a stunning look and a thumping soundtrack to match, this was by far the most entertaining movie I saw at SxSW.” [read more]eFILMCRITIC
“First Person: Why A Small Crew Can Actually Help You To Get The Shot.” [read more]INDIEWIRE
“…a raucous adventure in a foreign land that comes with plenty of humor and genuine human interaction that\’s a joy to watch…” [read more]TWITCH FILM
“…an inspiring film with no shortage of laughs and heart. A truly lovely blend of music and film…” [read more]THE HD ROOM
“With Big in Japan, writer-director John Jeffcoat captures the ever-changing trends in the music industry…” [read more]SMELLS LIKE SCREEN SPIRIT
“I was completely engaged with the storyline, and like many left the screening humming Tennis Pro tunes, craving ramen and pondering a trip to Japan.” [read more]SLACKERWOOD / AUSTIN FILM SOCIETY
“Director Jeffcoat, working with a small crew, has made a little gem of a rock music film.” [read more]Ken Rudolph / LETTERBOXD
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